Etkin Lab

The Etkin Lab at Stanford University

Lab Director

Amit Etkin

Amit Etkin, MD, Ph.D

Associate Professor
Psychiatry & Behavioral Science
Stanford/VA Aging Clinical Research Center
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The Etkin Lab is a team of researchers and clinicians who work together in understanding emotion regulation and improving the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders.

Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates

  • wei photoWei Wu, Ph.D.
  • greg photoGregory Fonzo, Ph.D.
  • Colleen Mills-Finnerty, Ph.D.
  • Christina Chick, Ph.D.

Lab Staff

  • Rita photo Jillian Autea - Program Manager
  • Eeva Kivisto - Clinical Supervisor

Study Coordinators

  • Emmanuel photo Emmanuel Shpigel
  • Parker Longwell
  • Rachael Wright
  • Jane photo Carena Kole
  • Andrewt photo Andrew Yee
  • Jane photo Karen Monuszko

Research Assistants

  • Brissa photo Akash Jagannathan
  • Sujatha Velmurugan
  • Jane photo Jane Zaiko

Graduate Students and Residents

  • Russell Toll
  • David photo David Carreon, MD
  • Cammie Rolle
  • Corey Photo Corey Keller MD Ph.D.

Clinical Students

  • Hannah Holt
  • Sara Hall
  • Sujatha Velmurugan
  • Asieh Tarami
  • Maryam Taghdimi



Lab Alumni



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