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Healthy Volunteers

For Brain Research

Studies for Healthy Volunteers

The Etkin Lab is continually seeking healthy volunteers to participate in research studies on the brain. Volunteers can participate in a variety of studies, experiencing many innovative technologies in the field of neuroscience. If you are interested in helping expand current understanding of the brain, consider volunteering in one or more of our studies. Each study has a slightly different time commitment and compensation. If you find one you like, please take a look at our participant criteria and book an appointment for a phone interview to see if you're eligible!

Healthy Volunteer Criteria:

  • 18 and older
  • Right-handed
  • No history of mental illness or neurological disorder
  • Specific studies may have other criteria

This particular study is investigating the effects of TMS on emotional cognition. Participants will perform cognitive tasks with an EEG. TMS stimulation will be given between tasks as well.

Study Time

1 Day  /  4.5 Hrs

Study Payment


Study Involves


Specific Criteria: Participants must be 25-45 years old.

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This particular study is investigating the effect of 2 different frequencies of rTMS on the neural correlates of working memory. Participants will perform cognitive tasks inside the fMRI scanner, both before and after short blocks of rTMS stimulations, which are delivered outside of the fMRI scanner.

Study Time

2 Days  /  1.5 Hrs each

Study Payment

$150 upon completion

Study Involves


The DANA study investigates the efficacy of a new personalized TMS treatment for depression. This study is also recruiting healthy controls in order to better understand healthy neural connections. Participants will undergo either concurrent fMRI + TMS and EEG + TMS.

Study Time

3 Days  /  9 Hours total

Study Payment


Study Involves

TMS + fMRI and TMS + EEG

The IGNITE study is investigating the effects of daily computer-based exercises on concentration and well-being. Participants in this study will be asked to have a fMRI and in-office cognitive assessments, followed by daily computer exercises from home.

Study Time

1 Day – 2 Weeks

Study Payment


Study Involves

Computer Exercises

We are looking for older adults without symptoms of worry, depression, or stress to take part in a research study of the impact of computerized exercises on emotion-regulation. Participants will come in to either our Stanford University or Palo Alto VA offices and complete daily online computer exercises from home.

Study Time

3 In-Person Visits Day  /  60 days of computer exercises

Study Payment


Study Involves

EEG, Computer Exercises

For more information on what to expect from the study procedures discussed above:

What to expect from a fMRI:  

What to expect from an EEG:

What to expect from TMS:


The first step to participate in any of our studies is to complete an online screen to assess your eligibility. The survey is the same no matter what study you're interested in.

Please click the button below to get started.

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You may also call us at (650) 498-5151 or email us [psychiatry] if you are experiencing any issues with the screen.

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