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Welcome Veterans

Thank you for your service. Find out how we can serve you.

Fellow Vets

Thank you for your interest in participating in a research study in the Etkin lab. I’m Russ, one of the researchers and also an Army combat vet of OIF 06-08. I’d like to talk to you, vet to vet, about what the Etkin lab is, why it’s important and how you can help your buddies and yourself by participating in our studies.

What The Etkin Lab Is
The Etkin lab is a joint organization between Stanford University and the Palo Alto VA Hospital made up of about 40 scientists and physicians who make the study and treatment of PTSD, depression, anxiety and other disorders their career’s work. It’s directed by Dr. Amit Etkin, a medical doctor who also got a Ph.D. studying under a Nobel Prize winner. The bottom line: this lab has incredible talent; the medical care and the science are both top-notch.

Why It’s Important
The Etkin lab is the S2 of the operation, where cutting-edge research is being done to understand PTSD and its TTPs – how it develops, how it works and what is effective against it. It’s also where you can get some of the best treatment available by outstanding providers and get paid doing it too, up to $560 for a whole study.

Help Your Buddies And Yourself
What we learn in the lab may result in improved treatments and a better quality of life. The troops we pass the guidon to will have it better than us because of work done here. But to do that work, we need vets – including those with PTSD and those without, still on active, got out ten years ago or Vietnam era to participate in our studies.

Leading Soldiers has been the greatest honor and privilege of my life and my mission now is to continue to serve them at Stanford in the Etkin lab by working with the most talented scientists and physicians to better our understanding of PTSD and TBI, develop more accurate assessments and more effective treatments. The most important statement in the Soldier’s Creed is “I will never leave a fallen comrade” and that’s what I’m here to do. I’m asking you to do the same, volunteer in our studies and come on one more mission. The details about the studies are on the clinical trials page. Let’s get it done.

Our Studies

Learn about our studies – who they’re for, what they involve and how much they pay. Click each link for all the details.

All Stations, All Nets

Do you have a buddy, a family member or loved one that may be interested in participating? Share our page to let them know!

Alpha Roster

The Etkin Lab has more than 300 years combined research experience across diverse fields including psychiatry, imaging, psychology, computer science and biostatistics. Learn more about the physicians and researchers behind the science.


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